Such an obscure scenario

God, I’m tired, it’s like I’ve been swimming all day and now my body just doesn’t seem to respond to my orders. I’m stuck here in a numb lethargy and my muscles are prisoners of this immobility that petrifies me. So I whisper to you while I’m barely moving my benumbed lips: Help me. Release me. Kill this tiredness, take possession of my muscles, of this passive body and force me to keep moving, to writhe under you. Tonight, just don’t treat me as that sweet, good, breakable girl we both know I am. Tonight, don’t be that reasonable, clubby gentleman we both know you can be. Show me the savage in you, I wanna know him, feel him, breathe him. Your wild fingers in my silken hair, your bitter lips exploring the depths of my mouth, my hands caressing your tense back and my nails drawing red, flimsy circles on your spine, your harsh voice growling improper words besides my neck while your burning skin is pressed against mine without any restraints, that’s how I want you tonight. I’m not looking for a knight in shining armor, not today, so unleash yourself, be that dark, fallen angel I know it’s hidden inside you. I want you to lose you control so I can lose mine, too. Even if it’s just for a few hours, smash my perfect crystal bubble world and annihilate my self-control. Make this so good it hurts, so tomorrow, when everything will return to normal, at least I will have something to remember.