My kind of love

My kind of love is soft, like kissing your forehead in the morning and whispering in your ear “good morning, sunshine” while I’m still sleepy.

My king of love is fiery, like the fire burning in our bodies when our skin connects and I throw my arms around your neck like you’re my anchor and I push you onto the bed.

My kind of love is playful, like talking to you with that childish voice of mine and looking at you with that puppy face that makes you so vulnerable and you can’t say anything to me but “yes”.

My kind of love is adventurous, like taking the car and driving far away from the city, with no direction, with no plan, just your hand on my thigh and the radio playing happy music in the background.

My kind of love is romantic, like watching the sunset on the beach while resting my head on your shoulder and telling you my stupid theories about the universe, this world and us just to hear you laughing in that masculine way of yours that gives my stomach blue butterflies.

My kind of love is silent, like watching you while you’re fixing the car breakdown or lying on the sofa or cooking spaghetti on weekends and just thinking about how damn lucky am I to have you in my life.

My king of love is giving, like buying you gifts with no reason or preparing your favorite desert or hugging you so tight, spontaneously, just because I want to make you feel my love as it is.

My king of love is insecure, like never feeling good enough for you even if I know I have your heart, that’s why sometimes I run away from you and hide into myself as in an ivory tower, but each time you come after me and fight my demons till I’m yours again.

My kind of love is idealistic, like loving you with all my heart as in the fairytales I used to read once upon a time and wanting everything on earth with you- a future, a family, a happy ever after.

My kind of love is the love I never received, but that I’ve always carried inside me in a locked, heavy chest, hoping that someday, someone will want what I have to offer and will ask for the key, that key that leads exactly to the quintessence of my soul.