You don’t get to call me a bitch

We were so close that our skin burned.

You looked me in the eyes so many times, so concentrated that I thought you could literally see the shape of my soul.

Yet, you saw nothing, you blind, overbearing man.

You think you managed to know me, but you’re wrong.

I’m much more than the insecure girl you’ve met. I was going through hell at that time and my world was  slowly falling apart. I wanted you to be my anchor; I would have been a lost ship and you would have been my harbor. And this was my mistake, you know, to wait for you to save me. ‘Cause you’re a sailor, a pilgrim, not a savior. Never a savior.

So you left. You ghosted me. You chose the journey. You chose yourself and your freedom.

I stayed.  I continued to fight the demons- my demons. I had no other choice.

And now you call me a bitch.

And you don’t get to call me a bitch.

I never made a drama of how our story ended, I never trampled  our affair. I respected you, I cared about you, I wanted a future for us. And even when you left, I respected your decision.

No, you don’t get to call me a bitch, my blind, overbearing man. Because you know more than anyone that I’m far from being one of those trivial, garish girls.

And I’ll prove that to you and to your friends and to the whole world. Not because I need your approval, but because I want to see the look on your face when I will succeed. I will shine so bright that your eyes will lose their sight.

‘Cause I’m a star. A pretty little star that someday will turn into a powerful comet.

And when that time comes, you’ll be the one who will literally go fuck himself.